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Gouden Bergen - Rooftop session Salthouse Morocco

Mid december of last year I had quite a scary experience. From one moment to the next all flights got canceled due to covid restrictions. Leaving me stranded in Morocco with no chance to travel home. After contacting the Dutch embassy, I received a very long email telling me that I was on my own.

Luckily I was in good care at Salthouse Morocco. Proving once again that Moroccan hospitality can’t be topped. I was safe, among friends with all my basic needs covered. Just the fact that I was restricted in my freedom to travel across borders made me feel uneased. Fully aware of my privileged situation, my thoughts went out to all those less fortunate people; fleeing from hunger, war and poverty. Here I was just experiencing 0,0001% of their hardship. Knowing all too well that it is to be considered a luxury to be able to question the concept of freedom. It made me even more aware of how fragile humanity and social construct that we call society is. Seeing fully and full heartedly how unequal life is.

In the week following, the group of people stranded there with me in Morocco grew closer. Amongst Polish, French and Belgian people also were two Russian girls. We often spoke about world politics and what it’s like to live in Russia.

The current tragic events in Ukraine makes me think of them. As they are just as much against this war as I am. Maybe me writing this blog is a subtle way to remind everybody to keep an open mind and let us not forget that a big and silent group in Russia is also against this war. Let us not judge all Russian people for the wrongdoings of a grumpy baby boomer.

Anyway that week I recorded a couple of tracks on the rooftop, just to find some comfort and structure. Here’s one now, hope you’ll enjoy

with kindness, love and care

Ohm Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


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